Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tips- Bermain Biola

Reader's Top 20 Tips
  1. It's better to practice every day than to practice for a long time on one day a week.
  2. Practice one difficult part to perfection rather than playing through the whole song many times to try to make it better.
  3. Get off the computer and practice
  4. Practice performing. Play your piece for your dog, your mom, your friend, your family before you have to play it for a concert.
  5. Listen to other violinist play.
  6. Although many people neglect a good bow technique and control is the key to become a good violinist as most of the tone coloring is related to good bow control.
  7. Start every session with a goal and plan. Subject them to constant review.
  8. Every note has a beginning, a middle and also an end
  9. Find a chinrest that works for you. Some go in the middle, some are higher, and so on, depending on your neck.
  10. Practice your 3 octave scales and arps daily to perfection. Practice them with varying articulations. You can learn lots of bowing techniques while practicing your scales at the same time
  11. Practice the music you are working on in sections.
  12. Enjoy yourself when playing the violin -- otherwise there's no point.
  13. When you keep making the same mistake constantly and you get frustrated, stop and rest, then go back playing
  14. Wipe off your violin with a cotton cloth every time you put it away, so the rosin dust does not build up and become difficult to remove
  15. Always remember sleep is of paramount importance for the brain to learn what you've practiced
  16. Listen to the Pros. It's good to hear violin at it's best.
  17. Pratice smarter not harder.
  18. Breathe with the music.
  19. Learn your etudes: Mazas, Kreutzer, Rode, Fiorillo, Gavinies, Dont and so on.
  20. If you believe you played poorly, don't apologize or appear disappointed. You may not have played as well as in your rehearsals but your judges may have liked it!

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